Monday, November 25, 2013

Quarter cicle skirt and apron

My three-year old daughter has decided she loves wearing skirts. Since this is a new thing, she only actually had one skirt, a full circle-skirt I made for her last year. A few nights ago, I suddenly got the urge sew up a quick and pretty project, and decided another circle skirt was in order.

After googeling a little, I found this page that explains the math needed to calculate the fabric for the skirt, and I decided to try a quarter-circle skirt with a waistband made from ribbing this time. 

I found a little duvet cover in my fabric stash and loved the pink little flowers. Turns out I had already made an apron from the same duvet cover, and the other day when Princess K was getting dressed, she found it in her little wardrobe and decide to wear them both together. I wish I'd gotten a picture!

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