Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oliver & S Ruffle Halter Top

So I downloaded this pattern months ago from Oliver & S, but it has been collecting dust for quite a while. Until it started calling for me the other day.

I had just made a peasant top for myself using this red/white gingham fabric I got in Gambia last fall, and there was a lot left over. So my mind wandered to the Ruffle Halter Top.

 (Image from Oliver & S)

I figured a mother and daughter should have a matching shirt, right?  So I started cutting a size S. The ruffles are cut on the bias and then attatched to a flat front piece. The pattern tells you to sew the wrong side of the ruffles to the front piece right side. That was a little unexpected for me, as it leaves the raw edge of the ruffle exposed above the seam. But I zigzagged it down as the instructions suggest, and I really don't think I'll think much about it later. With the top being so darn cute, and the wearer even more so, it just won't be an issue.

I also didn't quite understand what it means when they say to "top stitch" the bottom edge of the ruffles. It doesn't say to hem them, just to "top stitch". I never before saw instructions to top stitch something that isn't already stitched together with another piece of fabric. Since they are bias cut and won't fray much, I didn't do a regular hem, but ended up just folding the raw edge under once on the wrong side about 1/4" and stitching it down.  

And the final result? Cute - ness!