Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Work in Progress

It would seem that I have had nothing to blog about for a while. The problem for me seems to be the jump from having a garment to blog about to getting some decent pictures of it to go with the text... I have several finished garments I would love to share, but alas... no pictures yet!

So here is a little snapshot from the ipod of the project I a finishing up today. It is pretty much done, but since I haven't had any generator power for weeks, I haven't been able to press anything so it is so not going to be worn until that is in place!

It is a skirt made in an African wax print I bought at the local market. I saw this lady in church the other day who wore a skirt I really liked. It was fitted from the waist down to below the knees, and then there was this asymetrically pleated peplum on the bottom. This style is quite common here, and I've never had any idea how to make it. After thinking about it all day, I decided to try and replicate it. I still need to attatch some ric rac and tack down the facings, and of course... press everything, but it is looking really nice!