Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sweat pants from Ottobre Kids

I made these several months ago and finally got around to blogging them! My son really likes to wear these pants, as they are sooo soft and comfy, but most days are way to hot for them. We do get some cooler days here, though, when it rains heavily or during the "cold season" of mid-November through January, so I am foreseeing a lot of use for these.

The pattern is from Ottobre kids 4/2011, and the design is # 25. I cut it in size 104, and they were a little on the long side when he first put them on (at 3 years and a month), but I know he will be growing into them soon enough.

The fabric is all imported (by me - in my suitcase), the green sweat shirt fabric is from Stoff og Stil, a fabric chain store in Norway, and the yellow is probably from there too. I used FOE and a three stitch zig zag stitch to bind the pockets, and loved how much time I saved doing that instead of cutting the binding from fabric. The pocket lining is cut from a promotional t-shirt my hubby got from the company that provides us with internet service. We're not really happy about the service, and he never felt like wearing it and promote them, so I decided to put it to better use here.

If you wonder if I used my serger for this, the answer is no. I just bought a serger too, but it hasn't arrived yet. It's in a container somewhere in the USA right now, and will be arriving here in well over a month. So for now, I'm using a narrow zig zag for all my knits. It works ok, but it is not awesome. There's a reason I wanted a serger, and I'm really looking forward to start using it!

 Here's a true action shot from a day he and his sister got to accompany their daddy out to the rice field where daddy is working!

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