Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Once upon a time, it must've been over a year ago, I started prepping the pattern pieces of McCall's 6554.

I can not remember why I decided not to make it according to the pattern. Looking at the illustration today, it looks like a cute dress. Maybe I was just tired of making dresses I rarely wear and wanted a more versatile  tunic to wear over jeans? So when I started on the muslin last year,I nixed the skirt part, and the the dress became a tunic with a much narrower skirt.  I did a lot of changes on the muslin, and I really liked the fit I got, so I decided then that I would use it again some time later.

I finally did. This time, I made further changes to the neckline to avoid some gaping issues, and I cut the skirt a little smaller. I sewed it up in a pretty African wax print (no-brand) that I got at the local market where I live.

Around here, respectable ladies cover their shoulders. I'm not really a big fan of sleeves in this heat, so I opted for a cap sleeve, and simply used the pattern from the cap sleeve on the Washi dress. Boy, has that little pattern piece gotten a lot of use! This is not the first time it has been Frankinpatterned with other patterns.

The bodice is fully lined, and there's an (almost) invisible zipper in the back.(I haven't seen any invisible zippers for sale here, so I had to use a white one from my stash) I finally got to try out my new invisible zipper foot, yay!  And did you notice how the pattern lines up pretty awesomely in the back?

My hubby took these pictures early on a Sunday morning, and sadly, there was not enough light to get a crisp picture. But you get the idea, right?

The skirt is a simple wrap-around with side and back darts. It didn't make it into the pictures because we were in a hurry and there wasn't enough space for hubby to walk backwards enough for all of me to fit in the viewfinder. I haven't worn a wrap-around in years, since they have a scary tendency to fall off, but I did find that with the darts, the skirt stays in place all day. 

 With the new skirt and all the changes I made in the bodice and sleeve of this top, I do feel like I'm entitled to call the pattern my own. Is that allowed?


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