Saturday, September 7, 2013

The bag I gave to Rose


About a year ago, I decided to rip apart a well-worn over-the-shoulder bag my mother got me in Italy. I loved the shape of it, but the fabric was worn out and I figured I could easily replicate it. I was right. The basic pattern is only two pieces, but I adapted it to my personal gusto and added some pockets on the inside, as well as a little loop to hang a key chain on.

I hate having to rummage through a huge purse to find the ever-elusive key chain. Now I don't. I just zip open the bag and reach in... and the keys are hanging safely in the loop I made out of a ribbon with a snap button. 

I also added a zippered pocket  for coins and other little things and a big open pocket in the lining. 

Then I took my bag with me to a ladies' function. And I got stares and "aaaws" all around. So I quickly realized there was a potential for mass production here. Except I have only made one more. For a friend's birthday. She chose the fabric out of three different ones I bought in Gambia and Norway, and she asked for the loop to be another 20 cms longer. It is a 120 cms long! She loved the bag and so did I.

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