Monday, September 17, 2012

Mary Poppins and her twin brother

Ok, so maybe Miss Poppins doesn’t actually have a twin brother, but little Princess K looked oh-so-Mary-Poppins-ish  toting this umbrella around our neighbours’ yard last Saturday.  And since she does have a twin brother, I get to use this title today.

Both kids are wearing t-shirts that I made from the “More Grey” raglan T-shirt pattern in Ottobre 4/2011. The original design features long sleeves, but where we live, long sleeves are not needed, so I just cut the sleeves short. 

After a very unsuccessful first attempt at this pattern (I had no clue how to attatch the ribbed collar) I have to say I LOVE these t-shirts! So much, I made one more, which will be featured some time soon when I get around to taking a picture of it. 

Princess K’s shirt is part refashion. I got a ladies’ knit top at a flea market and used the fabric for the bodice. I love how you can save so much work by taking advantage of the existing hems when refashioning a garment! The pink sleeves are from a knit I sourced in one of Mexico’s “retacerias” or “leftover shops”. Those shops are worth a post all to themselves, as they are SOOO much fun for fabric lovers! 

Chiquitín (pronounced Tshe-kee-teen, meaning “little one” in Spanish) is also wearing a refashion fabric. I got the orange fabric at the same flea market, come to think of it. It was a men’s t-shirt. Sadly, when I went to wash it the first time, it got mixed with a tie-died blue top that totally stained all the other clothes I bought that day, and there are some visible stains, but since I can’t get new knit fabric around here, I decided to use it anyway. 

His bottoms are made from one of the Tie Dye Diva’s patterns. The “way cool” shorts. I love this pattern and have used it twice already.  Princess K is also wearing a Tie Dye Diva bottom. I made this diaper cover back when she still wore (fabric) diapers, so they are way too big now that her bottom is diaper-free. But they’re still cute, though! 

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