Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wiksten Tova number 4

Not that I'm trying to get my money's worth for buying the pattern, but sure... after four Tova Tunics, I have to agree with myself, it was not a bad buy!

I really wish I had a lovely solid colored and textured linen to do this tunic in, but alas... no such thing for sale in my little corner of Africa. So I made yet another one in the lovely combination of white bedsheet from the open-air second-hand market, and the inset and collar with fabrics from Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley Collection.

I am not that happy with the patterns and colors on this combo. But I had to pick colors that my friend I was making it for would like, so I compromised on my own ideas. She really liked it, though, which is all that really matters in the end.  I should have cut the collar so the lines went lengthwise and not horizontally. I do NOT like how that looks all. One thing I am happy with, though, is having added a facing in the same fabric as on the front to the front opening. You can't really see it in this picture here, but I promise, it's there! And it is very visible when worn. It was one thing I really didn't like with the other ones I made (following the instructions to the letter). Since the neck opening falls open from the lack of buttons or closures of any kind, the cream colored backside of the Hope Valley fabric was showing a lot more than I wanted it too.  Here, I have remedied that by just cutting a second pair of those horizontal front pieces and adding them as a facing.

I got a lovely action shot of my pregnant friend Fabi wearing it too, but then forgot to copy in to my computer before hubby sold the iPhone....  so now it's deleted. 

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